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Let go. Let God..

An all to common theme in my life.

Yet this was different. It was a dream.

Now, I’m not all about dreams and visions... but I’m about God. YHWH ~The Creator or the universe.

You know, ” The Way, The Truth and The Life.”

So happens, I’ve found He loves to reveal Himself in this way.

And Ilike it!

Let Go...

I AM holding it all together.

I AM holding you.


It had been a challenging week with family issues that were way beyond my control. Maybe you’ve been there...

Anyway this was the dream.. which I wholeheartedly believe is just as much for you as it was for me :


I was with a group, and at a location similar to our Shiloh Retreat experiences.

I had begun to walk away from group but was accompanied by somebody.. not clear who, or if it was an maybe an angel.

As I slowly walked on, there was a light that honed in on me, like a spotlight...

I remember thinking, wondering..

"oh..this is it!! ?

Is it ?

Is this the end of my life here ?

Then, suddenly.. there were no voices or sounds.. just the feeling of being lifted up.

And that was the most distinct feeling in the dream.

I was rising up, my feet were no longer on the ground but bent and hanging down!

I felt weightless as I hovered above life’s common ground as this magnificent light was all around me encompassing me. Just wow!

Then, best of all, this wonderful sense of love and comfort surrounded me. 🥰

I was embraced, almost as if I was being hugged by Papa God himself!

This lasted a little while ..

as I was



And I rested. 💕😌💕

I was gently lowered back down to the ground.. this “peace that surpasses understanding” was still ..all over me, in and through! 💕