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Autism. Yeah we know that one.

After hearing “the A word” for the second time in our short conversation, It became clear that “ this guy “ whom I was speaking with was stuck in the thick of his diagnosis.

"My Autism..."

I got it.

We raised a son on “ the spectrum “ and saw firsthand the struggle. Daily.

The emotional rollercoaster.

The harsh reality of the differences we all have.

Some have a maignitude we can't relate to. Or a low that we don't see.

Maybe even a natural high that we've never seen before.

“This guy“ knew the truth though. He was deeply rooted in his faith. As high functioning as he was, he was still grappling with circumstance. His diagnosis.

And I got it.

I was moved.

See, I also remember a time when I was this way too.

Something else was increasingly clear:

We need to get away from identifying with our “ labels.”

But rather, our identity is rooted in the truth that “ we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14

It's important to change the way we

perceive ourselves!

To retrain our brain, we need to start thinking like a healthy and happy person which requires giving up the labels we have all to many times identified with.

When we obsessively try to “figure out” our illness, its causes, and possible solutions, continuing to see ourselves as sick with whatever other negative programming we come up with is merely going to keep our limbic system in a stressed state actually making it harder to recover from our physical symptoms.

We also must realize that our limbic system -that’s the emotional part of the brain- merely has a temporary impairment that is reversible with consistent brain rewiring, implementing daily healthy habits, other useful tools and “ being transformed by the renewing of your mind “

( From Romans 12 :-)

You can’t separate your mental, spiritual and physical health when trying to heal effectively.

You were wonderfully designed to be in harmony with all you have been given. 🌺

So let’s do that.

Just be.

~And be well ~



Sometimes our negative programming is from trauma and specific therapy protocols may also be effective and necessary for you. ❤️

Know that, according to Dr. Caroline Leaf, we operate with only 5-10% of our conscious mind, 90-95% is from our subconscious programming so our mere ”willpower“ to change.. most likely isn’t enough. 👊🏼



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