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Let’s look at the actual definition of “self-care.”

Self-care is the deliberate practice of paying attention to and taking care of your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional health.

It’s intentional.

It’s connecting with your God-given masterpiece. It’s learning and cultivating your Divine healing mechanism within you so you can heal. It is not pampering.

It's also not relying on merely symptom management or band-aid healthcare. It is putting the power back in your hands.

I remember when it was easy to pay more attention to what life pulls from you. Truly " what we behold, we bestow. "

I now practice intentional spirit, soul and body self care, its a habit. A lifestyle. I learned this essential practice was necessary as a foster Momma well over 10 years ago! Pouring into myself, I feel better. Period. 🙂

This also allows me to better care for those around me. On the flip side, if I’m depleted, and trying to “ pour from an empty cup” it's made me more irritable and less fun to be around!

Here are my top 5 self care practices:

1. Cultivate Stillness. I take care of my “spirit man” first.- I take time. To just be.

Be in His presence. I allow Him to pour into me. Loving God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, is the first thing on the list of commandments , and let me tell you, to know Him is to LOVE HIM! Just like any relationship, you want to spend time with the one you love. Same! Literally everything seems to fall into place from this alignment. I’m refreshed with the washing of water by the word of God. THIS. Fills me up. As does worship! In spirit and truth. This One Thing.. has given me the firm foundation an Holy Spirit Power like never would have imagined. It's so exciting to see what each new day brings!

Side note: This isn't religion folks ~ Its a loving relationship. (Positive, healthy relationships also bring health and healing but will never fill the God sized hole we have in our heart.. )

2. Move. Physically- I practice daily movement for 20-40 minutes per day. This is an essential. I notice a big change in my body I have found I Love, LOVE Essentrics. So much so, I’m now an Apprentice Instructor! Rebounding is another excellent daily practice! 10 minutes a day and your lymphatics will thank you. :)

I also love GREEN Space fitness. Fresh breaths of air, and just being in nature fires me up! Its important to find what you love to do, and DO THAT to get your heart rate up. Increasing circulation in this way enhances and improves so many functions in our body.

3. Enjoy food. Real food. I mostly eat about 80-85% clean, and the other 15-20%... I simply enjoy it. When you have JOY, its been proven YOU DIGEST BETTER. I believe there are no "good or bad foods." Finding what is the best food for my body has been key to staying strong and pain free.

4. Laugh. I try not to take everything so seriously. Hang out with funny people, or whatever cracks you up ! :P

Laughter is Great Medicine!

5. Lemon Water. Starting my morning with this alkalizes the body, and also helps loosen mucous! Thoughout the day, small sips, often, of fresh, unfluoridated, unchlorinated water has been shown to absorb and hydrate cells better than big gulps. As is drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces, which is the “golden rule“ of staying hydrated. This means if you weigh 150 lbs aim to drink 75 oz. of water daily! If you have any issue with fluid retention, it's best to check with your doctor for required amounts.

Some people get fancy systems, but I typically refill my glass jugs at the supermarket or our local specialty water place where its filtered & goes through the process of reverse osmosis for 25 cents/ gallon. I'm thrifty.

This list is by no means exhaustive ~ as I’m thinking of several more I could share :)

But for now I’ll pose the question to you.. WHAT DO YOU DO for self-care ?

Self-care is can be a powerful part of integrative health care! So, let’s treat it as such : it is proactive healthcare!



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