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Back to basics..

Are you struggling to stay on track or stay active?

Do you find creating and sustaining healthy habits difficult?

You are not alone..

And you are in the right place! 🌷

Welcome to #holistichealthcare101, where we get back to the basics of your health, as you learn to take the high road and take back your power.

It's within all of us and our birthright!

Think of it like building or ..REbuilding a house.

It takes a team to build a solid structure!

Yet other work is an inside job. Literally. You have to do it.

Wisdom is often knowing you can’t do it alone. It's asking for help.


Here at A.H.H.H Wellness, we are a community; we are a culture.

We are eager to support and encourage you by training, and equipping you with the skills you need to make a radical shift towards your highest calling and your very best life. I know this Radically Transformed life personally...

Can I get transparent for a sec.?

I remember days of old when self-sabotage and feeling like I could never gain ground with my fitness goals was a daily occurrence. Sadly, I was habitually doing things that were hurting my body really for the sake of others' love and approval. I thought I had to look ( and act ) a certain way. Yet I never knew what self-love was, or its importance.

I had worked on others' outer appearance for years doing hair and skincare where the industry puts a lot of emphasis on looks.

Besides, in my immaturity, I believed I had to mirror what I saw in my monthly Shape magazine.

Getting the “diagnoses” of ADHD and Depression then became.. an excuse as to why I did what I did. I knew the Eating Disorder was a problem, but no one seemed to know how to help me. And I sure didn’t know how.. I remember feeling ashamed that I could stop, and so alone even though I rarely was.

The doctors thought the answer was a Nutritionist, an anti-depressant, and counseling. Never mind that I was living like hell, and poisoning my body with crap food and toxic chemicals. Then there was the trauma buried so deep, I wasn’t even aware it was there.

Oh. How I had to learn. And there were some hard lessons. You have probably had them too.

Pain is a hard teacher.

It took many years—over 30 of them. And some days, I wanted to give up.

But I didn't.

I started asking questions.. and making some powerful decisions. I began to take responsibility and day by day making small changes that became my lifestyle. I also had inside-out Help because of a profound Spiritual Awakening. Empowered from within, I made my healing and practicing healthy habits a priority in my life.

It was like my job.

Rather than thinking by default,

I also had to practice thinking intentionally.

This means I had to “ do the work “ - and it started with my mindset.

I learned taking my thoughts “ captive“ so to speak was essential, along with prayer, positive self-talk, and the Living Word of God.

This daily practice helped literally rewire my brain! I was retraining my mind not to be “hijacked“ by my old programming of a negative, self-sabotaging mindset.

The science of neuroplasticity explains that our brains can be reprogrammed. Science is still learning how God the Father intricately designed our minds!

The more I learned about the design of our intricate mind, I realized quickly how much I did not know.

But I wasn’t alone! Even the experts acknowledge there is so much we still do not understand.

"Take it one day at a time" is more than a cliché. It’s necessary ACTION. Being in the moment is a state of mind.

and worth practicing! I say often, " Just Be".. ( thanks, Becca :)

If I may, let me encourage you...begin to ask the hard questions.



Is your belief system limiting, or is your belief system empowering?



SEE YOURSELF where you want to be. 😍

Begin to notice and observe your thoughts throughout the day.

Without judgment! This is a biggie.

Start replacing your negative self-talk

with positive self-talk!

Practicing this myself made me keenly aware of all the negative programming I had in my mind! I was astonished!

Unresolved Trauma - ( BIG T’s or Little t’s ) can make you "stuck" as an attempt at self-preservation.

Here are some more practical tips to get you started building healthy lifestyle habits:

Get Ready, Get Set!

Set some S.M.A.R.T. Goals!

WRITING DOWN specific goals on paper allows your body and mind to synchronize and increases your follow-through!
YOUR S.M.A.R.T. goals are simply this :

~Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic -ish, Relevant. Timely.~

Don't be afraid to out of your comfort zone because transformational change rarely comes from comfort zones!

Relentlessly pursue progress!

Be sure to include fun in the journey

(Neurologically speaking, making it fun, in a spirit of playfulness is a huge component of learning AND SUSTAINING something new :)

Think about what's important to you- turn that into a goal -then write it down! Set goals for the week - for a month, and if you are really motivated, strategically do a long-term plan. Be SPECIFIC! Begin to break your goals down into manageable bites.

Remember, practice makes permanent!

Continue to fix your eyes on your goals!

Look at them EVERY SINGLE DAY. This helps rewire and re-pattern your thinking and create new programs!

If you are creative, look up DIY VISION BOARDS to help you visualize where you want to be.

( I'd love to see your creations! )

Self-discipline is also a necessary practice, paying attention to how you are spending your free time.

Are you spending excess time on social media? (We've been sucked in too..) Having self-imposed constraints is needed as you plan and move through your days! Some find tracking their time for a day or two at 15= 30 min intervals is helpful to get a clear picture of what you may be doing that's not serving you. It's tedious but so worth it in the long run!

Times of rest and play are also essential!

It doesn't matter go off and don't follow your routine for a day or two. What IS important is that you begin to notice any unhealthy patterns and learn what may have derailed you.

Some like to journal which helps you indeed recognize patterns.

Then refocus and get your head back in the game.

👊🏻 You can do this!

You will accomplish much more if you stop judging yourself and practice silencing that inner critic! Take time to decompress and release stress in healthy ways often, it's helpful to actually


Wellness is a journey, not a destination.

And our issues tend to be multi-layered,

as is our healing.

Turning simple healthy daily habits into lifestyle choices then easily

flows ...

into a rich and vibrant life!

We are here

to coach, train, and cheer you on

along the way!





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