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Own Your Movement, And Your Breath.

Let's face it. The benefits of both are many.

Here is some power thoughts to keep in mind:

Exercise - or any movement where your heart rate stays elevated for 2-10 minutes - raises your neurotransmitters like serotonin and guess what?

It is the most underutilized antidepressant !!!

Even intervals of 30 seconds at a time work. Aim to still be able to carry a relatively light conversation, but continue to MoVe!

You do not need fancy equipment, or a gym membership to incorporate healthy habits like exercise, and breath work.

With any movement, best thing of all, is that you will be CREATING your own energy.

* Note: If you have any underlying health conditions, please consult your physician before starting at exercise program.

If you are sedentary...

aim to simply begin with 10 minutes of movement.

To start:

Get outside in green space if you can, and put on your favorite music... THEN simply MOVE in a relaxed manner to explore your range of motion! Begin by taking note of any tension and breathe into that place. Picture your cells getting energized with the increased bloodflow that you are creating!

If you need to stay inside, you could begin to dance..or start with a jog in place, or some gentle side lunges to warm up. I love to incorporate some arm circles, and gentle rotations in the joints of your arms, wrists & shoulders still noticing any areas that seem restricted or tight. This can even be done sitting in a chair if you have mobility or balance issues. Oxygenate your cells by continuing to breathe into the areas to tension.

Imagery is a powerful tool to use also!

Adding some figure eights forward and backward is great for balancing your energy since your energy flows in this pattern, just like your DNA!

If your a beginner, Let me emphasize gentle here. :)

Continue to feel any resistance in your movement while connecting with your body through your breath.

Keep moving and release into it.

When you put focus on the rising and falling of your breath, you’re also learning about how to manage your mind. Sometimes I do this and incorporate “ body scan “ techniques to really get centered.

There are as many ways to do breathwork, as there are ways to do movement.

Here is one simple way to connect with your breath - Do at least 3 times- This will facilitate your own innate natural relaxation response too:


Breathe in for four, hold for four, and exhale for four...slowly.

Whatever level you start at, know your body WANTS to be strong and balanced. If you are a word nerd like me, they call this homeostasis.

The goal should always be listening to your body.

It speaks!

Your wonderfully made body takes care of all of its necessary functions and supports you.

We have to be mindful to support IT.

Be well friends. 🌷



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