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Coaching & Training

Why Coaching?

Coaching is a mentorship—your cheerleader of sorts. We use a team-based approach, focusing on the here and now, working together to create a strategic plan, YOUR plan, for health and healing while building strength and resilience in your unique body, mind, and spirit.

Our Personal really is personal.

To attain your optimal fitness level, we train in Holistic (whole-body) wellness.

Just like a weak stabilizing muscle affects its antagonist, the opposing muscle and can affect your total functional movement contributing to postural deviations and ultimately, pain! -  Our body and all of its wonderfully made systems work the same way. Together, provide the framework to bring balance, systemically and structurally. We assess the areas where you may need to align, stabilize, and build strength,  taking it step by step, to continue to build movement, momentum and positive daily healthy habits that will not only strengthen you physically, but build you up and establish you in every area of your life!

We are an ESSENTRICS Level 1 Apprentice Instructor in which movement targets muscle chains and fascia to lengthen and strengthen all at the same time! 

 We also  promote and practice green space fitness often. :)


We help you restore the foundation of your wellness, and we celebrate even the smallest successes! Weight loss and building strength are nice side benefits!

What we are not: a stuffy gym, nor do we believe in crazy fitness with hours of intense working out with old-fashioned techniques that sometimes do more harm than good.


Coaching / Training fees: $150 / week

for two hours total client time.

(4 - 30 minute sessions or 2 - 1 hour sessions)

Monthly and Quarterly Programs Available For Best Results.

*For more information about our Wellness Spa Services, click here.

**Limited scholarships are available by written request to 7727A Holiday Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231



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