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A.H.H. Wellness Treatments

Stress 'Soul'ution

Come and enter into rest...
We will start with a soothing scalp massage, followed by a neck and shoulder treatment to unwind from all the tension in your daily life. We then add gentle stretching of the fascia and connective tissue to enhance the unwinding process. The relaxing hand and arm massage that follows is perfect for those who work on computers, as it promises to leave you renewed with a sense of calm.  
Peace at last.

 45 minutes~ $70


Organic Restorative Treatment
Using various Therapeutic Modalities, this unique treatment truly allows you time and space to reset and forget your worries. Your nervous system will begin to enter into a state of rest as we practice the stillness of Cranial Sacral Techniques. Next, a balancing facial, head, neck, and shoulder massage with Lymphatic Drainage is perfectly paired with Myofascial Release techniques to gently stretch and unwind your connective tissue throughout your body. A soothing foot and leg treatment with Reflexology is included to promote deep relaxation and aid in your body’s own healing ability. These specific Acupressure points on the feet, ( hands and ears too! )

promote balance and feelings of wellbeing. 
A 10-minute Holistic Training ~ Coaching Session with Prescriptive Movement Therapy is included to help you continue to release, realign, and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.

90 minutes~ $150

His Hands Healing Massage Ministry

This time begins with prayer and expectancy.

Whatever challenges you are facing, this Holy Spirit-empowered

session envelops you with Love, Nurture, and Care in a way that only He can, 

bringing Healing and Restoration. 

**For more information about our Personal Training & Coaching, click here.

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