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EDIT™ Recovery Coaching

Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy

This intensive method of coaching focuses on the development of healthy coping skills with activities to replace eating disorders and addictive food behaviors. We guide clients in a solution-focused way to expedite recovery progress. You can receive coaching sessions no matter where you live!

1-hour session $150
30-minute session $75

Weekly (2+hours & daily contact for the most support) $275


*Our 30 & 90-day programs require an initial consultation to assess whether our programs are suitable.

See our booking page for details and to schedule sessions.

30 Day “ReProgram


Includes 3 Hours of regular or EDIT™ Coaching per week, with wellness treatments, training & therapies to dramatically enhance wellness. Includes daily contact, activities, and encouragement in your journey of holistic recovery.
$ 997


This will take you to the next level in whole person, mind, body & spirit wellness. This plan includes 3 hours of coaching, treatments, and activity per week, with daily contact, and strategy to activate you in holistic wellness & recovery.

*For more information about our services, click here.

**Limited scholarships available by written request to: 7727A Holiday Drive, Sarasota, Florida 34231



The Five Principles of Recovery (EDIT)

- Love Your Self — discover the “True Self” beyond the image in the mirror


- Be True To Your Self — access intuition for meals, movement, and entire life

- Express Your Self — develop emotional coping skills and resolve core issues

- Give To Your Self — replace “false self” eating disorders with intuitive self-care

- Believe In Your Self — prevent relapse and enjoy lasting freedom



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