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Rewrite your story...we can help.

A Haven of Hope Holistic Wellness is a whole-person, team-based approach to health, healing, and strategic self-care using integrative therapies for true spirit, soul, and body health and wellness.

We are a community and a culture, that place to hit 'reset' and shift into that state of  'Rest and Digest' from the all to common stressed out, heightened state of overwhelm. And here is some good news! You have the power and are intuitively designed to know best and serve as the “head” of the team! 
While our mission is to inspire and serve by providing a framework for functional fitness and holistic wellness to everyone, our niche, and our hearts vision is to enrich and better the lives of kids in the foster care system, the special needs population, kids affected by addiction, autism, and eating disorders and their families using scientifically proven strategies to build good habits that become a healthy lifestyle. New science says it actually takes 63 days to rewire your brain! That being said, please allow yourself or your loved one enough time and space to journey through the process.. remembering that wherever you are right now, you are perfectly in process, and right where you need to be. 

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"Our thoughts determine our beliefs, our beliefs determine our actions
and our actions..
determine our quality of life."


Nancy Hamm


Nancy Maria Hamm is a visionary and prayer warrior who uses her 30-plus years in the Health & Wellness industry to inspire and equip those who need it the most.
Her ongoing Continuing Education and solid core kingdom principles allow her to uniquely deliver a life-giving message with hope and purpose while provoking faith activated power!
She is also Licensed in Cosmetology in the State of Florida and shares her gift with Restorative Organic Spa Treatments to Bring Balance and Strength to the body, Alignment and Refreshment in the Spirit, and Rest and Rejuvenation to the Soul.
She knows first-hand that transformative and profound healing can and does happen!
She personally struggled with an eating disorder for over 30 years and has recovery wisdom that she desires to share to help set other captives of this disorder to live a life of freedom and purpose.
Nancy was also  a Foster Mom and knows firsthand how addiction affects children and families. The greatest desire of her heart is to serve and share what she knows changes lives, as she is a living testimony of trauma and pain having a purpose. Our greatest suffering is the story we tell ourselves sometimes. It’s time to rewrite some stories in the world today!

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