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A Training Center where Whole Person Self-Care is Healthcare.

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Our Vision

To educate, empower and establish

 true spirit, soul, and body health and healing in those who need it the most.

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Restore, Retreat and Rejuvenate with us in one of our two
Florida Locations!
Sarasota or Tampa ~

Overnight accommodations are available.

Our Mission



We coach and train you step by step,

supporting your whole being 

helping you connect with your own power within for

Freedom to Live the Life of your Dreams

We come alongside with strategic and specific tools

for your personal wellness toolbox

helping you victoriously overcome

life's many challenges...

Whether you need to simply rest and reset, stabilize and strengthen,

our team joyfully mentors you to 

"Restore your Core," 

as it was intended from the beginning.

See our services offered here.

Rocks of Balance


"Nancy Hamm is a blessing! She is very gracious. I was very nervous to open up and allow the process but she made me feel very comfortable.

She is gentle in her approach yet is passionate about her purpose and helping others! I would highly recommend anyone who may be as embarrassed as I was to trust Nancy with your fear because she will handle you with care, and with the grace that God has given her. There will be an overflow and you will overcome, just like I did. "

- Carrie Payne, Corona de Tucson, Arizona

"Nancy gave me one of the best massages (healing bodywork session )  I've ever had. The pressure was perfect, relieving stress points in my muscles and creating a relaxing and peaceful environment within. I would recommend her  to anyone! "

- Nina Hayden, St. Petersburg, Florida

"This past April 2022, I attended a Healing Retreat in Tampa Florida.

I had come to the retreat wounded and totally shattered on the inside. It had been two years since my whole life had been devastated followed by a nerve injury that left me in level 8 pain for 8 months. Mentally, emotionally and physically I was in need of some major restoration. Anyway, this is where I met Nancy Hamm. I don't know where to begin. In the different areas of my body, she was able to identify different emotions and struggles! It was like my body was hiding my trauma and she was finding it and releasing it! 

When I'd arrived I don't even know how I made  the flight, my nerves were fried. Inside every     cell felt like it was shaking. Its been over

 a month now, and I feel like I'm moving

 forward into total healing! 

 Thank you Nancy! "

  -Michelle Robonson, Sahuarita, Arizona

"Nancy has a ministry anointed by the Holy Spirit! God has chosen her and she is a willing and eager servant, and a  special gift from God in my life.  Her life-giving messages encourage me greatly as I'm sure it does others! We all have giants that try to rob, steal and destroy our peace and seem insurmountable..but our God is greater, and has the last word!  Keep on drawing your strength and wisdom from Him and know you are blessing many people!"

 - Carol Bucello, Manchester Connecticut

" She is a big help to me, 

coaching and training me to live a better life."

Christina Conwell, Odessa Florida

"Nancy does an amazing job teaching class, I love it!  I love her!"

- Debbie Neff, Punta Gorda

"Bodywork with Nancy is like

relaxing at a healing spa

at the horse ranch.

Nancy's energy is soothing

and her hands are a gift.

She is a beautiful communicator

and makes you feel like your at home."

Kara Teresi, Tampa Florida


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Let's Talk

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CPT, SNS, Certified Eating Disorder Coach & Bodyworker.


Sarasota, Florida

" Every good gift and perfect gift comes from above and comes down from the Father of Lights.. "    James 1:17

  Nancy's passion and calling are to be a Spiritual Leader, out-of-the-box Personal Trainer, Coach, and Bodyworker who has been in the health and beauty industry for over 30 years.

She considers her first Salon and Spa established in 1998 "Maria's  European Essentials" a big blessing as a single Momma before she was led to go back to school in 2000 earning her National Certification in Massage Therapy using her gift of respectful healing touch. She sold M.E.E. salon in 2004 to embrace motherhood and begin her own journey of healing from chronic pain. She took to heart the advice from a dear friend and fellow bodyworker to " take care of the little girl inside. " And she did just that, " layer by layer, " she says, "like it was her job."

  Her second salon & wellness spa "A Cut Above Holistic Hair & Wellness" opened in 2008 and emphasized healthier, cleaner more organically sourced solutions to hair and body care. She and her team practiced for 11 years serving the community until life transitions required her to move closer to her aging parents who had graciously cared for her as a foster child.

     Still a lifelong learner, she was inspired to continue her education by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in 2015, & a Sports Nutrition Coach through the National Council of Strength and Fitness, then in 2018, a Certified Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy Coach, and is an Essentrics Apprentice Instructor to further enhance her skill and personal inner and outer strength.

    She has led groups and taught children and adults in Movement Therapy using the principles of Essentrics and various modalities of healing.

     Being entrusted as a conduit and facilitator of spirit, soul, and body health and wellness is one of her greatest honors, next to being a Momma of 3, and a Gramma of 5!

She has experienced firsthand and believes wholeheartedly in synchronizing with the power that not only is in our design, but that is also our birthright, and exists in every body!


Sarasota, Florida


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